• Our muscles are sore from catching fish, our faces have that Alaska ruddy color, our stomaches are full and expanded waistlines from all the wonderful meals - we’ve totally lost track of time, all our worries and stress are gone---
    ~ Jim and Susan M. Tennessee
  • We have returned (4th visit) to Raspberry Island and have enjoyed the beauty of nature, hospitality of the Robbins, and enjoying making new friends. Birch + Tiffany have created the ideal atmosphere for relaxing and vacationing. We will return!
    ~ George and Marian C. Texas
  • 5 days of great experiences at Raspberry Island. Kayaking and Hiking for the girls, salmon fishing for the men, halibut fishing for all of us! ...We’re looking forward for the next stay! You made our trip unforgettable!!!
    ~ Michi, Brigitte, Danni and Flo Austria
  • We have spent a glorious week here enjoying your home. Wonderful fishing and great company and food. Our second trip here....We truly cannot think of a more wonderful spot to enjoy Alaska and all it has to offer.
    ~ Brett W. & Sandy P. Vermont
  • We spent a week here fishing, kayaking, hiking, and went on a flight see. It was an amazing experience we will never forget...This was the best vacation ever and we can’t wait to come back!
    ~ Heath and Shawna M. Wyoming
  • We have been back for our second year at fishing. Birch and Tiffany are a great couple and make every visit a lasting experience. The fishing is outstanding, the food is out of this world, and they make it a second home. We will be back next year.
    ~ Ken H. Florida
  • Thank you for the wonderful stay at your beautiful lodge. We have fallen in love with Alaska in our brief visit. We appreciate all the hard work you do to make our trip relaxing and FABULOUS!
    ~ Becky and Mike H. Washington
  • Wow. What a wonderful time we have had here-it has gone much too quickly! I really don’t think I can say enough to do your lodge, your hospitality, your food!! justice. In just 3 days we have kayaked, hiked, bear and glacier viewing, relaxed...and become expert fishermen....Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    ~ Jo and Matt B. Philippines
  • Have had a fantastic time. Seen all sorts of wildlife including Humpback and Fin Whales, bears, otters, sea lions, etc. The fishing was brilliant and the scenery awesome.. Thanks to Tiffany and Birch for being great hosts...
    ~ Rob and Trish M. United Kingdom
  • There are not words to describe this experience - especially for Floridians - but PERFECT! The meals, the fishing, the accommodations & scenery were fabulous. We cannot thank you enough for your hospitality...
    ~ Kenny and Linda D. Florida
  • We came to Alaska for the awe and beauty of the great outdoors -- and we were not disappointed! But what we found that we were not expecting were our wonderful hosts, their beautiful, enjoyable children and a very warm and caring staff.
    ~ John and Sherri O. Minnesota
  • We are first-time guests, and this is our first time in Alaska - September 2012. We much enjoyed your hospitality, friendliness, graciousness, and humor, including your crew.
    ~ Bruno and Barbara E. Switzerland
  • One of the best trips ever. Its and incredible resort you’ve built here. Thanks for the food, hospitality, and exceptional fishing. I would and will highly recommend it and hope to see you again.
    ~ Randy and John R. Montana
  • For us from the lower part of Alabama what a welcome change of scenery, temperature, and pace of life. Our hosts were the best and so was the staff. We are planning on returning soon.
    ~ Lee and Libba T. Alabama
  • In life God is always good to His Children, but on occasion He adds something extra. This is certainly extra.
    ~ Henry and Glenda K. Texas
  • Raspberry Lodge is not only nice, Raspberry Lodge is paradise. Tiffany and Birch our hosts, provided a treat we enjoyed most. This unique place in nature we will certainly lack, This means we have to be soon back.
    ~Bernard and Brigitte G. Switzerland
  • Thanks for the best week of my life so far. My first buck, my first doe. I’ll never forget my experience here. It is my new dream to come back…I will highly recommend KRIRL…
    ~ Sam O. Alaska
  • Amazing Hunt! The lodge is fantastic, beautiful weather (slight wind of 55 mph) made this a trip of a lifetime. Birch and Tiffany made us feel completely at home. Food is worth the trip alone. Thanks Again!
    ~ Ryan, Steve, and Hunter M. Alaska>
  • Thanks for the opportunity to hunt the Raspberry Island area and to learn of the wonderful opportunities for duck hunting and retrievers in Kodiak…. You and your family were spectacular in your hospitality and the effort you made to put us into the right places was excellent…. You certainly have a great location.
    ~ Mike B. Alaska
  • Taken care of like family, treated like royalty….Is this really Elk hunting? This is the life! Thank you ever so much!
    ~ Stacee and Jack K. Alaska